WizKids - Dungeon Dressings - Traps - Merchant's Row

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From simple farmer's markets to exotic bazaars, these stalls, tables, shelves, and displays offer prime locations for all your peddling, hawking, and vending needs. Design your adventure with Dungeon Dressings: Merchant's Row. Where will your campaign lead you?

Plastic components.


1 Weapons Merchant
1 Potions Merchant
1 Tanning Rack
1 Pig
1 Cow
1 Grain Sack
1 Square Crate
1 Square Crate of Cabbages
1 Square Crate of Apples
2 Large Vendor Stalls
1 Canted Display Table
1 Market Stall Shelf
2 Covered Vendor's Tables

Miniatures are supplied pre-painted and pre-assembled.