Weiss Schwarz TCG - Re:Zero Frozen Bond - Extra Booster Display Box



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Introducing the Extra Booster of the extremely popular isekai series! Based on the 2nd OVA, the story of Emilia's initial meeting with Puck and the growth of their relationship is finally told! From this Extra Booster, green cards are finally introduced to the Re:ZERO series! Every pack you purchase has a chance to contain a Sign card! Rie Takahashi (as Emilia) Yumi Uchiyama (as Puck) Inori Minase (as Rem) Rie Murakawa (as Ram)Total 50 types + 50 types (Parallel) + 4 types (SP) 6 cards per pack, 6 packs per display Every pack contains 2 shiny cards! 30 displays per carton6 exclusive Going First/Second PR cards included in every carton! (4 varieties)