Warmachine MKIV - Khador Winter Korps - Army Expansion

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As war once again descends upon the Iron Kingdoms, Khador’s great army is on the move to counter any threat to the Motherland! Take your battles to the next level with the Winter Korps Army Expansion. Change up your tactics with the new warcaster and unlock new arcane capabilities with the character solo. The support solo and three new units, including the large-based Man-O-War Suppressors —the Winter Korps’ mechanized infantry—add enough options to your Core Army Starter to field 75 and 100 point armies. (Note: 100-point games require three warjacks in a force, not included in this expansion.)

Kommander Valerii Savaryn, Warcaster
Winter Korps Sniper Unit (3 models)
Hunting Dog Command Attachment
Shock Trooper Pikemen Unit (3 models)
Man-O-War Suppressors Unit (3 models)
Mortar Team solo
Battle Mechanik
Magziev Zariyah Volkova Character Solo