Warmachine MKIV - Dusk House Kallyss - Hazaroth, Narcissar of Ruin

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Hazaroth is amongst those ancient eldritch who have long existed in the shadows of Iosan society. An immense creature of death and filled with selfish pride, Hazaroth ventured from the darkness not to seek redemption or the betterment of his people but instead to find power in the opportunities arising in the wake of the fall of the gods. He is mockingly called the Narcissar of Ruin by his compatriots, who see his nature as well as his enormous stature for what they are and who are willing to utilize the undying necromancer as another weapon in their grim arsenal.

  • When a friendly undead non-Leader Faction warrior model within 10˝ of Hazaroth is disabled, he can spend 1 focus point to remove 1 damage point from the disabled model to keep it in play.
  • Possesses the Escort and Shadowmancer spells.
  • His Restorations of Shadow feat says, “Remove all damage from extra-large and smaller based models in Hazaroth’s battlegroup currently in his control area. Additionally, each warjack currently in Hazaroth’s control range gains 1 focus point.”