Warmachine MKIV - Dusk House Kallyss - Eidolon Heavy Warjack

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While drawn from a fusion of Iosan technologies, the Eidolon is configured more like the House Vyre myrmidons of old. In addition to a wide range of arcantrik devices and powerful handheld or arm-mounted weaponry, these warjacks are also equipped with a range of experimental shoulder-mounted cannons. While the Eidolon draws significantly more power in the presence of the eldritch like the Ghast myrmidons, this extra power is channeled into maintaining its advanced weapon systems and is otherwise unavailable to aid the myrmidon in battle.

  • Friendly models can upkeep spells on the Eidolon without spending focus points.
  • Its head options can grant it the Arc Node, Flight, Force Barrier, or Future Sight special rules.