WarLock Tiles - Encounter in a Box - Prison Break

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The Prison Break box comes with pieces commonly associated with a prison escape and includes a scenario. It contains a 1-inch Iron Exterior Door (Half-Height Wall), a 1-inch Iron Exterior Double Door (Half-Height Wall), 2 Outside Cornerstones, a Stone Exterior Wall, a Sheriff (Miniature), 3 Guard (2D Minis), a Prisoner (2D Mini), 2 Double-Sided Map Tiles, and a scenario insert.
1x - 1-inch Iron Exterior Door (Half-Height Wall)
1x - 1-inch Iron Exterior Double Door (Half-Height Wall)
2x - Stone Outside Corner
1x - Stone Exterior Wall
1x - Sheriff (Miniature)
3x - Guard (2D Mini)
1x - Prisoner (2D Mini)
2x - Double-Sided Map Tile
1x - Scenario Insert