Warhammer Quest - Cursed City

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In the decaying city of Ulfenkarn, a band of heroes rise to topple an undead tyrant. Dare you enter the Cursed City? "Radukar the Wolf saved the city in its darkest hour, but his benevolence didn’t last. Claiming the Ebon Citadel, he surrounded himself with fiends, lackeys, and fellow creatures of the dark, forming his Thirsting Court. For a time peace reigned. Then came the Shyish Necroquake, and the Wolf found himself infused with dark power. Sallying forth from his castle, Radukar and his court embarked on a murderous rampage. Some were deemed worthy of the Blood Kiss and were turned into vampires themselves – countless others were left as corpses strewn across the streets. The city now stands on the precipice of total doom. Are there any that would risk their lives and their very souls to save it?"

Join with up to three other players to fight back against the undead scourge infesting the Cursed City, an ancient settlement gripped by a terrible curse thanks to a foolhardy deal struck with vampire lord Radukar the Wolf. Play as one of 8 beleaguered heroes trapped within the ancient city’s walls. Each adventure is a race against time, as when the sun sets the dead grow in power and fall upon anyone unlucky enough to remain in Ulfenkarn’s streets.

Warhammer Quest: Cursed City includes a whopping 60 Citadel miniatures, including eight wildly different choices of hero, 42 hostiles, and 10 mysterious objects. You'll also find a suite of cards, tiles, tokens, and more, as well as a 40-page rulebook and 56-page quest book that features everything you need to undertake the perilous journey to escape Ulfenkarn. For fans of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, you'll also enjoy a booklet that includes warscrolls for many of the game's heroes and hostiles.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Some assembly may be required.