Warhammer - Necromunda - Book of the Outcast

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Inside this book, you'll find:

• Outcasts of Necromunda: Extensive background information on outcasts gangs

• Assembling the Outcasts: Includes all the rules you need to know in order to field an outcasts gang in skirmish and narrative games of Necromunda

• Hangers-On and Brutes: Includes rules for hiring Hangers-on and Brutes

• Outlander Terrain: All the terrain rules needed to establish a stronghold for Necromunda gangs

• Wyrd Powers: Light up the underhive with rules for Wyrd Powers and Force Weapons that can be used by any gang that includes a Non-sanctioned or Sanctioned Psyker

• Outlander Campaigns: Embark on a narrative campaign to build and grow a settlement while defending and denying resources from your rivals, and assume the role of an Arbitrator keeping the campaign on an even keel while players work through three real-time phases training recruits, gathering resources, and recovering from the wear and tear of underhive combat

• Outlander Scenarios: Rules for six new outcasts-themed scenarios

• Showcase: A full-colour section spotlighting miniatures, battle scenes, and alternative outcasts colour schemes

• Outcasts Gang Tactics: Eighteen new Gang Tactics for use in games

• Trading Post: Weapons, armour, and equipment available to Underhive Outcasts gangs

• A Weapon Reference Chart containing a comprehensive weapons reference chart for all weapons and wargear available on the Trading Post for outcasts gangs

• Dramatis Personae: Includes rules for hiring and using three brand-new Dramatis Personae in your games of Necromunda