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It’s a time of upheaval, when the Middle Ages end and modernity is born….

For those in the government, the situation is ripe for action. Your city must maintain its standing, and you, as its prince, must make this happen. Virtù models the art of governing, using an original mechanism that then deploys from your player board. Your tactical options are laid out in the form of a wheel of cards, which you can evolve according to your objectives. Send troops or assign agents, and the villages will change hands. But other strategic dimensions must be considered: Artists, merchants, or diplomats could also work to increase your prestige….Decide and act with just the right amount of ingenuity and audacity, and you will become the Master of Italy!

2-5 players
Ages 14+
1-2.5 hour play time

1 large central board representing Italy
1 small Prestige / Influence board
1 small Prestige board (2 players)
5 Palace Action boards
60 City, Title, Guild, and Cathedral tiles
56 Notable cards
15 Family cards (3 – 5 players)
13 Family cards (2 players)
10 Indulgence cards
10 Patronage Bonuses
90 Control discs
8 Forbidden City discs
6 +1 War Bonus tokens
30 Troop meeples
25 Agent meeples
5 Cathedral meeple
5 Action markers
60 Florins
5 double-sided player aids
1 scorepad
1 rulebook for 3 – 5 players: Virtù: The Art of Governing
1 rulebook for 2 players: Virtù: The Wars of Italy