UNO Ultimate - Marvel Edition - Spider-Man Add-On Pack



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A new way to play UNO where each player becomes a Marvel hero with their own unique deck. But get ready, other players and unexpected Marvel villains will team-up to take you down! And when you're down to your last card, don't yell "assemble", yell UNO!

Two ways to win. Get rid of all the cards in your hand or be the last player with cards left in your Character Deck.

With UNO Ultimate™ Marvel Add-On Spider-Man™ Pack, players can swap a new character into the core UNO Ultimate™ Card Game (sold separately, subject to availability). The Spider-Man™ Pack has an entire deck of UNO Ultimate™ cards, with graphics and special rules, designed specifically for this Super Hero to play as Spider-Man™! This Pack also includes two collectible Foil Cards that players can collect or use in the game. Makes a great gift for card game lovers and Marvel fans ages 7 years and older. UNO Ultimate™ Core Card Game is required -- the instructions for how to play UNO Ultimate™ can be found only in the core version of the game. UNO Ultimate™ is best played with up to 4 players. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Grab the UNO Ultimate™ Marvel Spider-Man™ Add-On Pack and swap it with a deck in core UNO Ultimate™ Marvel (sold separately) to switch up the Super Heroes in the card game!
  • This pack contains a full Character Deck with special cards, rules and powerful graphics devoted to Spider-Man™!
  • The set also includes 2 collectible Foil Cards, featuring never-before-seen, elevated artwork and shine!
  • Fans of UNO Ultimate™ and Marvel will be able to build on their UNO Ultimate™ Foil Card collections with these Add-On Packs, featuring their favorite Super Heroes!
  • Makes a great gift for fans and collectors of UNO® and the Marvel Universe ages 7 years and older!