WarLock Tiles - Dungeon Tiles 3 Curves

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Explore the twists and turns of the darkest dungeons! Create winding tunnels beneath the castle keep or a wizard's abandoned tower from time gone by with a variety of curved pieces. Made to work with other WarLock Tiles sets, the possibilities for your terrain scenes are endless!

Key Features:
  ‣ Curved stone half walls are perfect for tower scenes.
  ‣ Curved tiles specially designed to work with other tiles!
  ‣ Comes with reversible windows you can swap around.
  ‣ Use the edge caps for a finished edge on your tiles!
  ‣ Fully compatible with WarLock Tiles: Dungeons Tiles 1 & 2

20 Stone/Wood Outside Curved Tiles, 2" x 2"
8 Stone/Wood Inside Curved Tiles, 2" x 2"
10 Stone Exterior Outside Curved Half Walls, 2"
6 Stone Exterior Inside Curved Half Walls, 2"
6 Stone Interior Curved Half Walls, 2"
12 Stone Outside Curved Edge Caps, 2"
6 Stone Inside Curved Edge Caps, 2"
50 EZ WarLock Clips