Tainted Grail - Stretch Goals: Age of Legends & Last Knight Campaigns

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Tainted Grail’s Stretch Goals offer two full-sized campaigns: The Last Knight, set 400 years after the core box campaign, where players explore a frozen, apocalyptic Avalon and bring the history of human conquest to a conclusion, and The Age of Legends, set 600 years before the core box campaign, where players join legends like King Arthur and Merlin to discover the origins of many myths. Players can also command armies and build structures thanks to the new military power mechanic. These campaigns, combined with the Fall of Avalon campaign, create a trilogy spanning a millennium and hundreds of locations and journal pages, providing a unique board game experience.

Ages 14+
1-5 Players
120-180 Minute Playtime

8 Cardboard Character Tiles
8 High Quality Models
130+ New Incredible Locations
660+ Other Cards
400+ Pages of Exciting Story
8 Introductory Letters
40 Save Sheets
1 Pack Donkey Pack