Sword & Sorcery - Vastaryous Lair

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Sword and Sorcery Vastaryous Lair Vastaryous Lair is a complete Sword & Sorcery expansion, including everything you need to play 4 epic Quests. Fight your way through the fierce Orc Tribes of Black Queen Island, overwhelm the Drakonic guards protecting the lair of the great wyrm, and prepare to fight the dragon in the fiery depths of its abode New Epic powers, armors, and items will help the Heroes rise to the peak of their power, reclaiming their ancient greatness. New mechanics have been developed for this expansion, to resolve the Epic fighting against Vastaryous - an opponent even more powerful than a mere Master Enemy. Each head is an intelligent being in itself, with different attacks and powers, posing a unique threat to the Heroes! Vastaryous' Lair can be played as a side quest to Act II. Last but not least, Gremlins are playtesting a specific Raid mode, where up to TEN Heroes can fight against the terrible power of Vastaryous.