Sword & Sorcery - Myths of the Arena

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Frozen in space and time stands the Arena of Aegis... Gladiators, captives, and creatures of every type are summoned to the Arena from everywhere in the realms to fight for the enjoyment of the spectators. Are your Heroes brave and strong enough to challenge lethal creatures, and survive the final fight against the legendary champions, Cerberus and the Nemean Lion, to become the new Gods of the Arena?

The Sword & Sorcery expansion set Myths of the Arena offers endless challenges for your Heroes thanks to its 3 different game modes: Gods of the Arena, a story composed of four Side-Quests playable during the two ACTs of any S&S saga to crown the Heroes as true eternal champions; Lords of Endless Pain, a survival game with two different Quests playable during the two ACTs of any S&S saga to test the Heroes, bravery and skill against endless waves of random Enemies; and Clash of the Heroes, a competitive multiplayer contest where you build teams of Heroes to face each other in deadly combat!

Myths of the Arena can be played equally well both with the Ancient Chronicles campaign, and the Immortal Souls campaign.

1 Storybook
1 Book of Secrets
1 Site Sheet
2 Reference Sheets
4 Plastic Figures 32mm Scale
13 Double-Sided Map Tiles
10 Pitfalls
2 Master Enemy Scrolls
2 Enemy Scrolls
57 Cards
135 Tokens and Markers