Star Wars X-Wing (2nd Edition) - Trident-class Assault Ship Expansion

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Harness the Might of a Fully Operational Warship!

Whether spearheading surprise attacks on key Republic facilities or pirate raids on innocent worlds, the Trident-class assault ship heralds the arrival of hostile forces, emerging ominously from the seas sf stars. Armed with crushing tentacles and capable of operating in space, atmosphere, or the ocean's depths, these versatile warships present an unorthodox threat that can strike unexpectedly to seize control of nearly any battlefield.

The largest class of ships available in Star Wars X-Wing, huge ships add devastating new options to your starfighter squadrons. Coordinate your plan of attack, conduct deadly electronic warfare, and unleash barrages of powerful turbolaser or ion cannon fire as you bring the full weight of this massive craft to bear against enemy ships.

• Customize Your Build! Utilize a variety of new upgrades for huge ships such as Commands, Teams, Cargo, and potent Hardpoints that grant additional attacks.

• Move Your Huge Ships! Huge ships move with their own unique plastic maneuver tool, allowing players to pilot these massive craft with expert precision!

• Destroy Your Opponent! Able to perform powerful attacks at range 4 and 5, these massive vessels project might across the table as they destroy distant targets.

• Includes components to field a Trident-class warship in two factions!


1 Huge Ship Rulebook
64 Cards
67 Tokens
2 Maneuver Dials
1 Resource Tracker
1 Huge Ship Damage Deck
1 Huge Range Ruler
1 Huge Ship Maneuver Tool
1 Painted Plastic Ship with Base & Pegs