Star Wars X-Wing (2nd Edition) - Rebel Alliance Squadron Single Player Starter Set

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Players will jump right into the action with this new Starter Set for Star Wars: X-Wing. The Rebel Alliance Squadron Single Player Starter contains everything a new player needs to fly into battle alongside the heroes of the Rebel Alliance. From miniatures to measurement tools to dice to tokens, the core components of Star Wars: X-Wing can be found in this set. The four iconic Rebel Alliance ships included in this starter are the perfect tools to return peace to the galaxy in the name of the Rebel Alliance!

Ages 14+
2 Players
45 Minute Playtime

4 Plastic Ships and Stands
7 Ship Cards
7 Standard Loadout Cards
25 Upgrade Cards
3 Quick Reference Cards
1 Damage Deck
4 Punch Sheets
1 Range Ruler
8 Dice
5 Dial Connectors
1 Rulebook