Sheriff of Nottingham (2nd Edition)


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The most successful Merchants in Nottingham offer up the most exclusive goods, but the ever-watchful Sheriff maintains the checkpoint against such "Contraband." The Merchants smuggle and the Sheriff searches, but who will get through and who will get caught?

In Sheriff of Nottingham, players are wily Merchants bribing and bluffing their way into the city walls. Each round, a new player is the Sheriff, searching for Contraband, paying Penalties for searching honest Merchants, while Merchants caught smuggling pay a fine.

This 2nd Edition includes rules for a 6th player, the Sheriff's Deputies, and the Black Market, for high risk/high reward plays.

204 Goods Cards
  ‣ 144 Legal Goods
  ‣ 60 Contraband Goods
12 Royal Goods Cards
6 Deputy Cards
6 Black Market Cards
133 Gold Coins
1 Sheriff Standee
2 Deputy Standees
1 Booty Tile
6 Merchant Stands
6 Merchant Bags
1 Rulebook

Ages: 14+
Players: 3-6
Game Length: 60 minutes