Shadowverse Evolve TCG - Advent of Genesis Booster Pack



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Booster Configuration: 8 cards/pack

Shadowverse: Evolve follows very closely to the digital version, with each deck consisting of a main deck constructed of 40-50 cards and a side-deck consisting of 10 cards, filled with evolved cards to boost a player’s followers in the game.
Each deck is built around one of six different classes, each with their own theme and playstyle unique to themselves, each with their own leaders and followers to help build out a deck.
The cards can be broken down simply, example in the image below, with easy-to-understand rules and stats stated on the card.  For more information on Shadowverse: Evolve, please refer to

Set Contains:
  • 180 Different Cards (22 L (Legendary), 38 G (Gold), 56 S (Silver), 64 B (Bronze))
  • Each booster box contains a 1st Edition Limited Bonus Box Topper, with 1 of 6 foil promo cards in each topper