Run - Expanded Edition

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A gateway board game that expertly balances the simplicity of traditional platforms with lite deck building and co-operative strategy.

Play resolves in 2 rounds:
1. Players draw a card from the Discovery Deck, resolve any play instantly cards, then roll to advance their character.
2. After all player movements, the Imminent Peril begins chasing the characters, with the intent of elimination.
2a. Any players who fail to escape begin taking vengeance on the active characters each round. All players remain engaged until the end.

The game is finished when either all players are eliminated, or all active characters reach the escape point.

The Expanded Edition also includes the following:
Civil War Expansion: In this expansion, players truly begin to understand the true meaning of retribution! Players will be introduced to a new class of cards, which when added to the fray allow for a plethora of measures of attacking your friends and seeking who can outlast!
Villians & Vigilance Expansion: In this expansion, villains and fiends infiltrate the dungeon, causing randomized battles, whereby you and your team will have to properly balance your speed, strength and damage to overpower those who would stand between you and escape.

1-8 players
Ages 6+
15-45 minute play time