RPG (5E) - Reference Cards - Deck of Stories - Gothic Booster

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The Deck of Stories: Gothic Booster has 18 horror-themed story hooks only found in this expansion. This pack is perfect for anyone playing “The Curse of Strahd” or other RPG adventures like it.

With the Deck of Stories ORC Storytelling System, you can pick and choose your cards based on whether you need an opening action, a moment of rising action, or a jolt of climactic action! At the bottom of each card is a hook that allows you to spark an idea for potential conflict, and some suggested next steps to help round out your story. 

If your adventurers are fans of all things that go bump in the night, the Deck of Stories: Gothic Booster will help you set the stage for your next horror-filled campaign. If you’re saving possessed livestock, surviving the fallout of a planetary alignment, or following holy visions, you will be able to test your players at every turn.