Resident Evil 3: The Board Game

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This spine-tingling campaign board game will have you sleeping with the lights on. The latest instalment in the tabletop Resident Evil universe, Resident Evil 3: The Board Game builds on the survival horror engine that kept players of Resident Evil 2 on the edge of their seat.

It was an ordinary day in Raccoon City...and then the outbreak began. Tiptoe into a cooperative survival horror experience based on Capcom's classic Resident Evil 3: Nemesis video game. For the first time ever, explore Raccoon City as an open world on your tabletop, searching desperately for parts of the cable car that will whisk you out of the city alive - if you can survive that long. Fight your way through iconic locations like the Raccoon City Police Department and Saint Michael's Clock Tower, working together to search for items and make meaningful choices on how to progress. All the while, the city danger level is rising. The higher it gets, the more lethal your enemies become. And if it reaches the top? Game over.

Whether you're Jill Valentine, Carlos Oliveira, Mikhail Viktor, or Nikolai Ginovaef, you'll need to work together to have a chance of survival. Every character has different special rules based on their personality and background, transforming your experience from one campaign to the next. Gameplay is broken up into nail-biting scenarios that you can play in any order. Each scenario can also be played as a standalone, self-contained experience, for one-shot sessions of terror. Feeling brave? Then face the horrors alone in solo play! Each time you play, random and unpredictable events will force you to make tough choices that change your game. Discover new scenarios and locations as you explore, navigating the locked doors, barricades, and raging fires that stand between you and survival.

Any items you discover must be carefully managed. When your ammo and time are limited, can you afford to explore every tile? You'll need to learn when to attack and when to flee - all while contending with a lethal pursuer intent on hunting you down. The tension deck from Resident Evil 2: The Board Game returns - with a twist. This new deck will keep you on your toes, evolving with your choices. You may find the zombies you avoid come back to bite you later.

28 Plastic Miniatures
21 Double Sided Game Board Tiles
62 Terrain Elements
208 Cards
4 Player Health Track Dials
11 Tracker Dials
6 Dice
78 Tokens
Scenario Book

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 60-90 minutes