Red Dragon Inn 5: The Character Trove

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You and your increasingly mighty party of adventuring companions have spent all day slogging through the dungeon, killing monsters and taking their stuff. Now you're back in town, healed up, cleaned up, and ready to party at the Red Dragon Inn. Drink, gamble, and roughhouse with your friends. But don't forget to keep an eye on your gold. If you run out, you'll have to spend the night in the stables. Oh ... and try not to get too beaten up or too drunk. If you black out, your friends will continue the party without you ... after they loot your body for gold, of course! The last conscious adventurer with gold wins the game!

The Red Dragon Inn 5 includes four new characters, plus a storage solution designed to hold all of the previous characters, with room to spare!


  • 4 Character Decks (Lizwick the Collector, Zakhan the Drunken Master, Sera the Fleetfooted, Joran the Trickster)
  • Item Deck
  • Drink Deck
  • Deck Dividers for All Characters
  • 10 Foam Blocks
  • Portable Player Mats for All Characters
  • Gold and Platinum Pieces
  • Storage Bags
  • Glass Beads