Power Rangers RPG - Hero Miniatures Set 2

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The Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Miniatures Set 2 contains a variety of Ranger designs ready to paint and customize! Each one is based on an existing Ranger, but can also be used to represent a custom ranger of your own design!

The unpainted miniatures can be customized and painted to look like a player’s character and used on the game table to display and enact combat scenes and more. These minis fit on a standard 1” grid and are ready to battle right out of the box.

May the Power Protect you!

Phantom Ranger
Zeo Gold Ranger
RPM Gold Ranger
RPM Silver Ranger
In Space SIlver Ranger
Psycho Red Ranger
Psycho Blue Ranger
Psycho Yellow Ranger
Psycho Pink Ranger
Psycho Black Ranger
Psycho Green Ranger
Psycho Silver Ranger