Power Rangers RPG - Finster`s Monster-Matic Cookbook Sourcebook

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At last, the secrets of the Monster-Matic are revealed! Finster`s Monster-Matic Cookbook provides over 100 Threats for use with the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game. In addition to Threats, their tactics, and story hooks, this cookbook features advice for creating, adapting, and using Threats in your game. Test your Power Rangers with Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedds Alien Sorcery and explore sinister options for your Power Rangers Roleplaying Game! Finster`s Monster-Matic Cookbook also features suggestions for using the miniatures from Heroes of the Grid in the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game. Features: Over 100 new threats! Psycho Rangers can now be used as threats or player characters! Rules for creating new Threats in your game whether or not they are Finsters creations! Sorcerous powers for villains like Lord Zedd or Rita and player characters. Includes recommendations for integrating miniatures from Heroes of the Grid into your Roleplaying Game! Book Summary: Full Color, Hardcover Book Ages 14+