Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid - Merciless Minions Pack 2

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Emperor Gruumm has traveled into the past to recruit the villainous Zeltrax in his plan to conquer Earth before the formation of Space Patrol Delta! The S.P.D. Rangers must follow and stop him, with the help of the Dino Rangers, before the wormhole closes and they’re trapped in the past. These villains’ forces draw from the power of past and future, striking fear into the hearts of all who face them.This expansion pack includes Zeltrax’s Tyrannodrones, Emperor Gruumm’s Krybots, and the even more dangerous Blue-Head Krybots!

This is an expansion for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid.

20 Foot Soldier Figures
4 Elite Foot Soldier Figures
30 Enemy Cards
20 Deployment Cards
4 Location Boards
1 Rulebook