Planebreaker RPG - Planar Bestiary (Cypher System Version)

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Scores of Extra-Dimensional Creatures for Your Cypher System Game!

This beautifully illustrated collection is filled with over 150 wonderful, terrible, and weird creatures that add extra-planar excitement to your Cypher System campaign. Whether your PCs are exploring the planes, or these creatures find them closer to home, these monsters add an engaging and unexpected twist to your encounters.

Mystify, frighten, and challenge your PCs with creatures like the taker of bones (a crooked devil that collects the skeletons of living victims), the labyrinth stalker (an ever-hungry brute that hunts those who are lost), or the dream-invading gologoth (a nightmare dweller that feasts on minds as it fills them with panic and horror).


 • 150 extraordinary creatures from myriad extra-dimensional planes

 • Encounters for characters of all tiers

 • Inspiring ideas and creatures you can introduce in earthly encounters, or while exploring the planes

 • Lots of material to use with Path of the Planebreaker sourcebook - but you don't need that title to use these creatures!

160 pages