Newton - New Horizon

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Newton: New Horizon is a new game board that provides a new technology track. You can find spaces that

give VP in special conditions and objective spaces that give double VP.

In more detail, as long as you have at least one student on a triangular space, you receive 1 VP every time you perform the indicated action. You receive 1 VP if you perform it as a Basic Action and/or as a Special Effect from an action card and/or as an effect from an Invention tile or a Master card. The bonus is always 1 VP even if you have more students on the same space and even if the action's value is more than 1.

Two Objective spaces on the board show a x2 symbol and require 5 Volumes. If you have a Student here at the end of the game, you will receive double the VP provided by that Objective tile (so, if the tile shows a "max. X" limitation, also that limitation is doubled).

1-4 players
Ages 14+
90 minute playtime