Nemesis: Lockdown


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Nemesis Lockdown is the first stand alone expansion to Nemesis. During the game, players will be taken to a totally new location - a secret base on Mars, represented by a multi level board. Lockdown will retain the highly cinematic, semi-co-op experience of the original game, while introducing a lot of new, fresh mechanics.

During the tense gameplay, you and your fellow players will gather items, explore different rooms and use your actions, craft, run, and fight other species. At the same time, every player will try to complete their secret objective, that will grant them victory...Sometimes at the expense of others.

1-5 players
Ages 14+
1.5-3 hour play time

247 cards
134 mini cards
1 scanner
2 help sheets
1 rulebook
9 punchboards
1 board
6 crew miniatures
20 intruder miniatures
15 status marker
10 malfunction markers
12 fire tokens
30 noise tokens
12 standees
7 dice
1 bag
5 standees for cards
30 red cubes (wound/ammo)
6 colored plastic rings
4 ziplock bags