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In Namiji, you are fishers from the Japan of yesteryear, navigating south of the Japanese archipelago, a few kilometers from the famous Tokaido road. You will need to have a fruitful day at sea to win the game.

To do this, you will have the opportunity to contemplate magnificent marine species, to fish with a line or a net to fill your racks with colorful fish, and haul in your crustacean traps.

You can benefit from stops to improve your fishing equipment, and you will also have to contend with the gods of the sea by setting offerings afloat, or by fulfilling their wishes that they express during your contemplation with the Sacred Rocks, for which they will reward you.

Namiji is the spiritual sequel to the best-selling and award-winning Tokaido but is a standalone game with its own set of unique rules and gameplay mechanics.

2-5 players
Ages 8+
45+ minute play time

1 game board
3 panorama bonus cards
20 sacred rock cards
60 panorama cards
5 boat meeples
5 score pawns
20 dock cards
20 offering tokens
50 crustacean tokens
48 fish tokens
12 net tokens
5 finish tokens
5 boat boards
1 fabric bag