Munchkin Dungeon


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Quest through the Dungeon for adventure, glory, and, of course, a chance to betray your friends! Based on the hit card game Munchkin™, Munchkin Dungeon is a competitive, push-your-luck dungeon game. Each round, you explore further, seeking Loot, Fame, and foes to defeat. But be careful! The deeper you delve, the better the rewards, but the Monsters get stronger and your back-stabbing "friends" will add even more danger.

And of course, it wouldn't be a Dungeon with a capital D if there wasn't a Boss at the final level, ready for an epic battle. Beat it and gain Fame. Lose, and get kicked back to the beginning. When the final Boss falls, the most famous Munchkin wins!

2 Super Munchkin Fighters
2 Super Munchkin Dashboards
5 Hero Figures
5 Hero Dashboards
5 Counter Bases
10 Roaming Monster Figures
2 Boss Figures
1 Dungeon Board
6 Fight Dice
10 Monster Room Cards
6 Boos Room Cards
12 Empty Room Cards
60 Loot Cards
60 Threat Cards
62 Coin Tokens
16 Threat Tokens
12 Potion Tokens
35 Damage Tokens
18 Shame Tokens
5 Fame Trackers
5 Level Trackers

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 60-90 minutes