Meadow - Downstream Expansion

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Meadow: Downstream is an expansion for Meadow inspired by the fascinating nature of aquatic environments. Start a new journey to observe flora, fauna and landscapes connected with rivers, streams and lakes. Go kayaking down the river and

compete with others on the new fields of exploration.

Meadow: Downstream includes over 80 new cards depicting wildlife living in an aquatic environment and a new thematic envelope to discover. Kayaking mechanism allows players to score extra points for progressing down the river. Adjust the level of competition with two-sided river board. Choose between a fast stream and calm river to explore two faces of nature.

1-4 players
Ages 10+
60-90 minute play time

1 two-sided river board
55 river cards
4 beaver dam cards
4 sunset cards
4 two-sided starting cards
3 W deck cards
3 E deck cards
3 N deck cards
3 S deck cards
6 solo variant cards
1 goal token
4 river trail tokens
2 waterfall tokens
4 bonus tokens
8 road tokens
6 pier tokens
6 tent tokens
1 envelope with 6 additional cards
4 kayaker markers
1 foldable deck holder
1 rulebook with card index