McFarlane's Dragons - Series 8 - Eternal Clan Action Figure



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Long forgotten, such creatures were now thought to be myth and fantasy. Titans of the ancient realms, who dwelled long before man, ruling every corner of the earth. But they disappeared, and with them their stories and power slipped into legend. Or so we were left to believe. Recent appearances of monsters in far off regions and secluded mountains. Survivors, if any, were left rambling about giant winged beasts. Teeth and talons rendering everything before them to nothing. This couldn’t possibly mean their return. Humanity has always been known for their stories of fancy. After all… who would believe the Dragons came back?

Product Features:

  • Incredibly detailed 13.5in statue
  • Incudes sculpted base to showcase the dragon’s size and details
  • Dragon comes with large attachable wings
  • Figure is showcased in New McFarlane’s Dragons window box packaging
  • Collect all McFarlane’s Dragons