Masters of the Universe - The Board Game - Assault on Castle Grayskull Expansion


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Assault on Castle Grayskull brings the fight for Eternia to the gates of Castle Grayskull itself! With Castle Grayskull as the centerpiece of this brand new game mode, players get to battle in the most iconic location in all of the Masters of the Universe world.

Ages 14+
1-5 Players
60 Minute Playtime

8 Skelcon Minion Models
8 Randor’s Royal Guard Minion Models
1 Castle Grayskull Terrain Overlay, 1 Hilltop
Overlay, 1 Training Dummy Overlay
1 Weapon Rack Overlay
1 Laser Gun Overlay
1 Banner Overlay
1 Ladder Overlay
1 Jaw-Bridge Token
1 Rulebook