Magic: The Gathering - Planechase 2012 - Night of the Ninja Deck

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This ready-to-play Planechase deck contains never-before-seen creatures and spells to aid in your fight for supremacy. Encounter the chaotic effects of phenomenon cards as your planar deck takes you to realms both exotic and familiar.

The "Night of the Ninja" deck lets you sneak behind enemy lines, disrupt their plans, and strike silently. Scouts and shinobi pair with disruption spells to keep opponents bewildered until it's too late.


  • A ready-to-play 60-card deck, including 6 new Magic cards.
  • All-new 10-card planar deck, including 8 plane cards and 2 phenomenon cards
  • Six-sided planar die
  • A deck box
  • Planechase strategy insert with multiplayer rules
  • Magic "learn to play" guide