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You check your reflection in your limo's rear-view mirror as you are driven to the climate conference: your suit and smile look impeccable, presenting a perfect image of environmental concern. Your oil stocks are up and the State coffers are bulging. But soon everything could change, as voices from climate-research are getting louder: global warming, rising sea levels, CO2 emission, air pollution, animal deaths.

You're all for saving the world, but can't someone else do it? Isn't your main concern the prosperity of your country? Maybe you could persuade other nations to reach common climate goals? Or can the earth cope with small rises in temperature after all? Either way, when you sit down to negotiate, all that matters is winning. But what does winning mean, when it comes to the future?

Kyoto is exciting, unusual, and revealing. It plays like a political thriller, reaching too often the concluding that money rules the world, and will eventually ruin it.

1 Board
100 Cards
63 Blank Bills
6 Flag Tokens
6 Flag Holders
6 Cloud Tokens
6 Thermometer Levels
5 Animals Tokens
1 Lectern
1 Rule Book

Ages: 10+
Players: 3-6
Game Length: 30-45 minutes