ISS Vanguard - The Lost Fleet (Stretch Goals) Expansion

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The Lost Fleet is a continuation of the best-selling board game ISS Vanguard, offering players multiple new options and a complex, intriguing plot.
Many years after Vanguard’s initial journey, the global government is shocked by frightening news: Earth’s most modern ships have disappeared in mysterious circumstances. The sole remaining interstellar spaceship, the good-old Vanguard, is swiftly refitted to embark on a rescue mission. Little do the crew know that they are about to stumble upon one of the Universe’s darkest secrets.

Lost Fleet campaign is a stretch goal reached during the ISS Vanguard Crowdfunding. This box increases the replayability and variance of ISS Vanguard. This Stretch Goal campaign takes place decades after the original Vanguard mission. With three much newer Earth's star ships mysteriously gone, it is up to the ageing ISS Vanguard to take flight once again in a daring mission on the far fringes of the known galaxy.