Grand Archive TCG - Dawn of Ashes Booster Pack (Alter Edition)

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Grand Archive is an anime trading card game with western game design and extreme collectability. It is the first anime card game that embraces card interface clarity, low stat numbers, and easily understood rules text. Developed with passion by a team of anime lovers and card game enthusiasts!

Grand Archive is a game that is played between 2 or more players. Simply, the objective of the game is to win by defeating each opponents champion. Each player should provide their own deck to play. There will be information that players will need to track using some method implementing outside-of-game items such as dice or coins.

The Grand Archive calls forth its champions; the world of Cambria is under threat of ruin! Journey forth in Dawn of Ashes to discover a new world full of legendary allies, mystical spells, ferocious beasts, and hidden secrets.

- 277 unique cards in set

- 266 foil variations in set

- 12 randomly inserted cards per pack