Final Fantasy TCG - Tin Gift Set 2

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This Tin Gift Set includes 3 new Premium Foil Full Art Promo cards collectors are sure to want to get their hands on. Bartz [7-059L] features incredible FFTCG original art that can now be fully appreciated in full art, while Braskas Final Aeon [11-015L] is a popular card in competitive play and features impressive artwork with a very imposing presence. Lastly, there is an exclusive Alternate Art Sephiroth [10-034H] in an iconic pose, and based on his appearance in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE! Collectors will love that this awesome art is also displayed on the tin's cover.In addition to the above items, this set will help new players catch up with the most recent Booster sets. Each set expands FFTCG's roster with fan favorite characters spanning over 30 years of the FINAL FANTASY franchise!FFTCG Tin Gift Set 2 includes:- Three OPUS IX Boosters (3) - Three OPUS X Boosters (3)- Three OPUS XI Boosters (3)- One OPUS XII Booster (1)- One PR-082 / 10-034H Sephiroth Full Art Alternate Art Card (1)- One PR-083 / 7-059L Bartz Full Art Card (1)- One PR-084 / 11-015L Braskas Final Aeon Full Art Card (1)With this Tin Gift set youll have a great collector piece with unique cards and a great way to jump into the FINAL FANTASY TRADING CARD GAME.