Figment of Erudition // Suraya, Archangel of Erudition (Marvel) [DTD005] (Dusk Till Dawn) Cold Foil

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Set: Dusk Till Dawn
Finish: Cold Foil
Type: Instant
Subtype: Ally;Figment
Rarity: Marvel
Class: Light Illusionist
Cost: 4
Power: 4
Life: 4
Legendary (You may only have 1 Figment of Erudition in your deck.) When this enters the arena, create a Ponder token.
Once per Turn Action -- (2 - Resource): Attack When Suraya Attack s, you may banish a card from your hero's soul. If you do, draw 2 cards. Ward 4 (If your hero would be dealt damage, destroy this to prevent 4 of that damage.)