Fallout Wasteland Warfare - Astoundingly Awesome Tales - Chapter 1

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You want a peaceful life, full of fun, laughter, and care-free living? You want a white picket fence and inviting the neighbors round for a pool party? You want modern living and conveniences, with friendly robots and cute critters? Well you’ve come to the wrong place! The Wasteland is a hip shooting, rough riding, danger around every corner kind of place, and you have only your (semi) trusted allies to help. It’s death gauntlets and killer cyborgs. It’s planting a flag for you and yours and raiding the resources of them and theirs. It’s high octane, all out war for even a scrap of usable land. It’s ruined cities, it’s desolate wastelands, it’s military bases and patched settlements. It’s all yours for the taking, for as long as you can. You want easy living? You should have stayed in the vault, because your tale won’t be Astoundingly Awesome without getting your hands dirty.


This astonishingly action-packed 52-page expansion for the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare miniatures game includes an abundant assortment of scenarios that can be played individually or linked together into five three-part mini-campaigns. Astoundingly Awesome Tales Chapter 1 also includes optional supporting material that can be used for either solo or versus games, and amazingly atmospheric narrative suggestions that help to ground your forces in the battlefield and provide motivation for the factions involved.