Dungeon Craft - The Kitchen Sink Pack

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Looking for a plot twist to liven up the party? Throw the Kitchen Sink at 'em!

This collection of varied Dungeon Craft tiles, terrain, animals, beasts, NPCs, and baddies has every piece you never thought you'd need and now will love.

Guide your players through swamps haunted by Baba Yaga, or ride War Elephants through the streets of the capitol. Players getting on your nerves? We've got all the gear for orcish sacrifices!

  • Baba Yaga & Her Hut
  • War Elephants
  • Orc Altars & Ritual Terrain
  • Circus Tents & Animals
  • Dwarves & Smith Equipment
  • Bone Chariots
  • Farm House & Barn
  • Farm Terrain
  • Necromancer & Their Lair