Dungeon Craft - Realm's Edge

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Realm’s Edge is perfect for owners of Dungeon Craft: Volume 1 who are looking to evolve their current town. With 15 additional pages of content in each pack, this book contains a Building pack, a Fey Forest, and a Wall Pack. Everything you need to enhance your RPG adventures!

The Building Pack helps smooth the transition between an established town and the gothic buildings of The Cursed Lands, giving you every opportunity to run wild! From taverns to churches, your players can explore every inch of the world you’ve created and bring your battle map to life.

The Fey Forest contains a collection of whimsical unworldly terrain perfect for anyone looking to explore a unique realm. The Fey Forest is packed with vibrant multi-colored trees, massive mushrooms, living plants, an overgrown wizard’s tower, and more.

The Wall Pack is the perfect add-on for anyone looking to create dungeons in record time or build on the fly as your players explore. Featuring a collection of various sized walls, doorways, and corner pieces, this add-on is for anyone interested in immersive dungeon-diving.

Fully compatible with the City and Turned Earth Map Packs.

Pieces can be cut out and placed on any battle map with a one-inch grid. The pages are durable cardstock with a laminate coating to make the pages water-resistant and dry/wet-erase.