Digimon Card Game - Versus Royal Knights Booster Pack

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This set focuses on the 13 different Royal Knights, some of the most unique and beloved Digimon! Fan favorites and like Omegamon, Gallantmon, Magnamon Alphamon, and UlforceVeedramon are all here. Plus, this set features the Digimon Card Game debut of Yggdrasill, the computer that manages the Digimon world. Powerful effects have synergy with the Royal Knights and can be used to dominate the game. All cards are sure to delight Digimon fans! This set includes 20 different Alt Art cards, 13 featuring Royal Knights with special designs, unlike standard Alt Art cards. These hugely popular characters will make unique additions to any collection. This set includes an unprecedented 4 different rare cards with low pull rates. These cards also feature special alternate designs. Not only are these cards rare, but powerful, and will be highly desired by all players!