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A symbol of renewal. This dice bag, made of sturdy white cotton, features a Sakura on the branch of a cherry tree, surrounded by the phrase “All dice tell a story” written in Japanese script. It is closed with durable deep-red linen strings and can hold 5 full sets of dice. It represents rebirth and renewal and perfectly fits the Japanese Dice Sets – and others of your choosing.

Japanese Dice Bag: Breath of Spring

Sakura, or cherry blossom, is not only a national symbol of Japan but a truly extraordinary natural phenomenon as well. It is associated primarily with spring, specifically April, and the multitude of trees brimming with white and pink flowers, covering the landscape to the horizon. Their delicate petals are not only a breathtaking sight but also a significant message in Japanese culture. They are considered a symbol of beauty and delicacy, as well as a metaphor for the transience of human existence - some varieties bloom for only one week a year. Therefore, another meaning of cherry blossoms is rebirth.

During the spring season in Japan, many people celebrate the Hanami custom, meaning "admiring the cherry blossoms." A long time ago it was celebrated as a ritual of rebirth, and later on, it became a reminder of enjoying what people have here and now. To this day, each April crowds of people, connected by family, romantic or friendly ties, gather together and arrange picnics under the trees full of blooming flowers. The aura surrounding them helps to tighten relations, soothe feuds and inspire new beginnings. It shall be the same with your dice: whenever you take them out of this bag with the Sakura symbol on it, they will do their best for you again.

While the style of the Breath of Spring is closest to our Japanese Dice Sets, its benefits don't stop there. The Deep Night Firefly, the Blue Star Lotus, and the Cherry Blossom Petals - these sets will perfectly complement the aura of this purse, but know this: each and every dice placed in the Japanese Dice Bag will gain new energy to give you the luckiest rolls possible!

The Rebirth of Luck

The Japanese Dice Bag: The Breath of Spring is unusual in our repertoire. As the first one in the history of our accessories, it uses a combination of white and red, associated with innocence and passion respectively in Japanese culture, thus proclaiming the message of balance. The colorful print on the front of the bag is just as significant: the cherry blossom symbol on a delicate tree branch brings rebirth and a new beginning, ensuring that your dice never run out of critical successes.

  • Meaningful colors — The color theme for this dice bag features a white background, deep-red closing strings, and a colored print of the Sakura flower on the front.
  • Meaningful words — The symbols surrounding the flower are written in Japanese script, saying, “All dice tell a story.”
  • Meaningful material — This dice bag is made out of 400g cotton, with durable closing strings made of linen.