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The Mythic Editions are Ultra PRO`s most premium accessories for Magic: The Gathering. This Collection Cache Storage Box features a black leatherette material with a mythic orange embroidered Planeswalker symbol and matching stitching. The two piece box features two channels sized to store and protect trading cards in sleeves and toploaders, Satin Cube and Alcove Flip deck boxes, and even rolled playmats!
Holds: - 600+ double-sleeved cards per channel - 1200+ total - Up to 4 rolled playmats per channel - 8 total - Up to 3 Alcove Flip deck boxes per channel - 6 total - Up to 4 Satin Cube deck boxes per channel - 8 total
The storage box also includes 10 card dividers with over 100 rewritable sticker labels to help keep your cards organized. Perfect for storing your MTG Draft Cube and/or your other favorite cards and accessories.