Darkest Night (Second Edition)

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In a Land of Darkness...

...the kingdom's last heroes gather in the hallowed ground of the Monastery. The king's army is broken, the lands overrun, and now the Castle has fallen at the hands of a dread Necromancer. Soon, his power will be great enough to penetrate even this last refuge.

In this cooperative strategy game, you are your land's last hope. Travel the kingdom, aid the people, battle the undead, and elude the Necromancer while you seek the holy relics with power to send him to a true death. As you pursue your quest, you will gain new powers and abilities unique to your chosen identity: zealous Crusader, inspirational Prince, secretive Rogue, enigmatic Seer, and more; 29 heroes in total with individual advantages and play styles.

But not a one of you is a match for the mighty Necromancer! Not yet. Pick your battles, husband your strength, work together, and perhaps you will live long enough to see a new dawn.

Or fail, and your land will be home to only the dead.

30 Standees
30 Plastic Stands
1 Necromancer Miniature
29 Hero Sheets
1 Game Board
150+ Counters
10 Dice
1 Player Aid
1 Rulebook
1 Compendium
377 Power Cards
57 Artifact Cards
75 Event Cards
50 Map Cards
45 Quest Cards
45 Mystery Cards
44 Darkness Cards

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 120-180 minutes