Dark Souls RPG - GM Screen

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Support your players through their many trials and tribulations in Dark Souls™: The Roleplaying Game with this 3 panel, matte laminate GM Screen (reaching over 60cm in width when fully unfolded!). Equipped with key rules, reference tables, and other useful aids in an easy-to-reach format, this screen will help you induct players into the punishing but rewarding world of the tabletop Dark Souls™ RPG. The side your players will see is decorated with lavish illustrations from the Dark Souls™ universe.

This pack also contains a 24 page adventure book, ‘What Remains in the Fire’, an introductory one-shot adventure perfect for new and experienced players.

Shine a guiding light onto your players’ dark adventures with this indispensable GM aid, playable with your copy of the Dark Souls™: The Roleplaying Game standalone core book, sold separately.

1 GM Screen
1 ‘What Remains in the Fire’ Adventure Book