Dark Legacy: The Rising - Earth vs Wind Starter Set



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Dark Legacy: The Rising is a unique card battle game that mixes strategy, character-building and dice rolling. You take on the role of a hero within one of six different clashing factions on the war-torn planet Titan. To defeat your opponent, you can build up a deck of magic spells that no one can withstand and summon the strongest army with the unique and various weapons, armor and relics by rolling the d20 strategically.
Squaring off in this starter set:
Earth: The Earth faction is comprised of Creatures that are connected to the planet. The Earth faction is weakening because of the toll that the war has taken on Titan. This faction’s main concern is to restore balance to the planet. Oz is the leader of the Earth faction and their strongest mage. He believes that the key is balance and he just needs to find it. Oz leads by determination.
Wind: The Wind faction consists of Creatures that have a connection with the air and sky. The Wind faction was once the guardians of Titan, but when travesty stuck they become isolationists. Amphion is the leader of the Wind faction. He wants to restore the role of guardian of Titan back to his people. Amphion leads by inspiration.
Game Unit:
2 Decks of 60 Cards
2 Playmats
1 Token Sheet
4 Dice d20
1 Rulebook