D&D - Icons of the Realms - Adventure in a Box - Mind Flayer Voyage

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The massive tentacled nautiloid drifts ominously through the silvery mists of the Astral Plane, crewed by insidious mind flayers seeking worlds to prey upon and minds to devour. Will it be your world? Will it be your mind? Find out with D&D Icons of the Realms: Adventure in a Box - Mind Flayer Voyage!

This box has everything you'll need to build your mind flayer-themed adventure. Including eight pre-painted miniatures depicting a range of psionic enemies for your players to face, four different ship dressings, and four battle map tiles to lay out the foundations of your perilous encounter.

Whether your next clash with mind flayers is a brief encounter or a drawn-out scenario, the Adventure in a Box - Mind Flayer Voyage is your place to start.

4 Intellect devourer
2 Mind flayer
1 Ulitharid
1 Mindwitness
2 Ceremorphosis Pod
1 Helm
1 Spawning Pool
1 19 "x 7" Bridge Deck Map
1 19 x 7" Battle Deck Map
1 23" x 6" Cargo Deck Map
1 23" x 6" Prison Deck Map