Fallout Wasteland Warfare - Brotherhood of Steel - Order of the Shield

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32mm Scale

Brothers in T-60 armor and toting laser weaponry storm their way through the battlefield, past-masters at fire and maneuvre, close support infantry combat. Each brother or sister knows their role to the letter, and as a fire team they operate as a well-oiled machine. The power armored element makes its way forward, creating an opening for the more lightly armored field scribe to go about their business; salvaging technology, investigating rogue signals or tending to the wounded. Other tactics include offering the scribe as seemingly fragile bait, but they are far from defenceless. Laying mines, setting traps and rigging explosives are all well within the field scribe's abilities, often making them even more dangerous than their steel clad brethren.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.